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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol Cold Turkey: Get and Stay Sober Without Alcoholics Anonymous

When you make the decision to finally quit drinking alcohol cold turkey, you have made the monumental decision to choose your health and well-being over addiction. Excessive alcohol consumption is socially acceptable drug abuse, and the habit can wreak havoc on a person’s body, organs, mind, and relationships. If you have arrived at a place in your life when you are ready to quit, your will and resolve will make it possible for you to quit on your own.

Admit to Yourself That You Have a Drinking Problem

If your drinking interferes with your daily life, your work, or your relationships, you have a drinking problem. You owe it to yourself to admit this to yourself. Once you have admitted this truth, you are ready to quit drinking cold turkey.

Quit Drinking Now

Heavy drinkers often make excuses that they can’t quit now. Excuses include the fact that they can’t quit because it’s the holidays, or because they are going through a stressful period in their life. The truth is nothing puts a body and mind under more stress than drug and/or alcohol abuse. Make the decision to begin an alcohol-free life now. If you have alcohol in your home, dispose of it all immediately.

Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

If you have friends with whom you drink, you need to rid your life of these people. Unless they are willing to embark on the journey to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey with you, you will need to stop spending time with them. These people are toxic to your mind and spirit, and could cause you to start drinking alcohol again.

Set Up a Support System

Talk to family members and friends who you think will be supportive of your decision to stop drinking cold turkey. Discuss with them your decision, and ask that they help you make it through this difficult time by being with you and occupying your mind and time.

Take Up New Relaxing Hobbies and Habits

A relaxed body creates a relaxed mind. Take up new hobbies that will help you relax your body and mind. Gentle exercises, like walking, Pilates, and yoga can be very beneficial while you quit drinking alcohol cold turkey. Start meditating daily, in order to clear your mind and help you resolve to maintain your new alcohol-free life. Relaxing, healthy hobbies like gardening, painting, or sculpting can help occupy your mind.

Additional Resources for Information on Staying Sober

This article should not be considered medical advice. Consult a physician before you stop drinking alcohol cold turkey, as your dependence may be psychological and physical.

Also, research the subject of how to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey without AA more in depth by checking out the following resources and sites:

  • How to Quit Drinking Without AA is a book by Jerry Dorsman (an addictions counselor and recovering alcoholic)
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